Dr Boppana Sridhar has an overall experience of 8 years in psychiatry and 5 years as a practising psychiatrist. He specialises in pharmacologic treatment of psychiatric disorders and multimodal psychotherapy.
Dr Sridhar has been working in mental health since past 13 years after completing MBBS. He has worked in disabilities and community rehabilitation in Australia for over 4 and half years. During this time he had better understanding about mental health issues and this inclined him to do develop deeper interest in psychiatry.
Over these years Dr Sridhar has attended numerous training programs where he further polished his Psychotherapy skills. Dr Sridhar’s core therapy skills are in CBT( cognitive behavioural therapy) for depression , anxiety disorders and OCD . He also does complex therapies like DBT ( dialectical behavioural therapy) and Marital therapy.

Dr Sridhar has participated in numerous talks in both public gatherings and digital platform. He also regularly participates in academic programs and upgrades himself to the latest advances & therapeutic guidelines.

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