Psycho-sexual & Psycho- somatic disorders treatment

The term PSYCH means MIND & somatic means body. Disorders pertaining to origin of mind and their effects leading to improper sexual functioning or bodily functioning are psychosexual and psychosomatic disorders respectively.
-Sexual problems can be physiological and psychological or a combination of both. A significant portion of men and women may experience sexual problems, and yet many can find these issues difficult to talk about. Suffering from a sexual disorder can have a very detrimental effect on relationships and on self-esteem, and become the source Of depression, anxiety & stress.
-Psychosomatic disorder is an illness that connects the mind and body. This occurs in such a way that the physiological functioning of the body is affected by the psychological tensions that either causes disease or worsen the pre-existing disease in a person.
So, it is important to seek treatment wherever possible
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